Thank you to Windsor Park Baptist Church for creating this resource, which we are reproducing each day with permission. It was originally made as a booklet by WindsorCreative with visual identity adapted from resources. Click here for an introduction to Mu0101ori Language Week. 

Ru0101pare | Thursday

Ko ___ tu014dku Pu0101pu0101 | ___ is my father

Ko ___ tu014dku Mu0101mu0101 | ___ is my mother

Ko ___ ru0101ua ko ___ u014dku mu0101tua | ___ and ___ are my parents

Ko ___ tu014dku ingoa | My name is ___

Tuakana - elder to female/male same gender

Teina - younger to female/male same gender

Tuu0101hine - sister to a brother or cousin

Tungane - brother to a sister or cousin

Tamaiti/child - use the tu0101ku

Tamariki/children - use the aku


WindsorCreative is a faith-based graphic design studio social enterprise with a vision to partner with churches, charities, and social enterprises by providing powerful graphic design deserving of their meaningful messages as they reach their own vision to make a difference in their communityu2014ultimately, we change communities with them. Click here for more information about WindsorCreative.

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