Every Queenu2019s Birthday weekend 500 youth leaders from around New Zealand gather for QB, BYMu2019s Youth Ministry and Leadership training conference.

Four keynote speakers, 24 different seminars and over 35 different presenters and panellists all combine to help create a transformational, inspirational and team building weekend for our Baptist youth leaders.

The QB 2019 theme was u2018Small Things Matteru2019. Because small things add up. We have a big God who acts through small things. Grains of sand make a beach. A small stone takes down a giant. A small baby changes eternity. Therefore, the small acts of kindness and love we show our youth are the very things God uses to accomplish his big plans in both the life of his church and our young people.

The morning sessions of QB are more u2018youth ministry conference-modeu2019. Mark Oestreicher, author and speaker from The Youth Cartel in the USA, was QBu2019s overseas guest speaker. Marko was both encouraging and empowering, with keynote talks on the transformational power of prayer and the importance of intermediate ministry. Six different streams of seminars followed the morning sessions including missional, foundational, social (issues), transformational (leadership and practices), theological and pastoral topics.

The night sessions at QB are u2018churchu2019. Worship, testimony, great biblical preaching around u2018small things matteru2019 and ministry time within teams was the focus. QBu2019s evening speakers included Dr Sarah Harris from Carey Baptist College, who explored why small phrases by Paul like u2018in Christu2019 matter, and Ps Lindy Jacomb from Karori Baptist Church who highlighted how God is always found in the ordinary. Dr Brian Krum, BYMu2019s national leader, spoke on the feeding of the 5000 and how, while we each are just a bread roll, itu2019s God who accomplishes his plans and u2018feedsu2019 so many through each of us. He closed QB 2019 by speaking about how mustard seed faith is about Jesus, the object of our faith, instead of the size of our faith.

BYMu2019s QB Leaderu2019s Training really is an event that is not to be missed. Thank you for helping your youth ministry teams make this short training event. Because small things like this weekend really do matter.

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