There is something powerful about a group of people gathering around a common purpose, but only if that gathering understands its strategy to achieve that purpose. What about your church mission committee? Have you ever thought about what you do and why?

Here we examine six roles of your church mission committee. Hopefully, this can be used as a checklist against which to measure and motivate the mission committee you are a part of, and as a tool to plan your yearu2019s mission programming.

Education. We live in an age where paying attention to mission, at home and overseas, does not always come naturally, and yet it is one of Christu2019s mandates for all followers. You and your mission committee can help integrate world mission into the lives of your church members by offering practical teaching about mission, whether it be through small groups or larger worship services.

Prayer. We believe in the power of prayer. As a mission committee, you have the responsibility to present your congregation with the latest information and prayer needs. You can also work with your pastor to integrate prayer for world mission into the wider church programme.

Special events. Special events with a mission focus are a great way of inspiring others to involve themselves in global mission. NZBMSu2019s annual focus on Prayer and Self-Denial is one example of a special event. There are many others to choose from, or you can develop your own.

Resources. Most people donu2019t have time to look for inspirational material relating to mission, but many would read it or watch it if it was available. Be on the lookout for books, teaching programmes, YouTube clips, websites, and other material that could be used by individuals or small groups to challenge your church to mission.

Personnel. A church mission committee needs to encourage as many people as possible to take a practical part in the church mission programme, whether itu2019s by supporting the churchu2019s missionaries, or perhaps even going overseas themselves.

Finance. No matter which way we look at it, an effective missionu2019s programme requires funding and one role of the mission committee is to stimulate and encourage congregational giving. That can be through special one-off events, or through a programme of regular offerings.

See advice in the Global Missions section of our website for setting up a church missions programme.

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