On Sunday, 11 September, Invercargill Central Baptist undertook a church-wide activity called ‘Serve the City’. It’s the second year that they have done it. The idea is that instead of a Sunday morning service, the church folk sign up for one of several service projects across the city as part of their worship of God and ministry to others.

These are the 11 projects the church whānau got into:

  • Two gardens for clients of Jubilee Budgeting
  • Barking the adventure playground of a middle school
  • Gardening and rubbish removal at Waverly Park School
  • Gardening, tree removal, and maintenance at No 10 Youth Centre
  • Joining with others to plant over 1100 trees for Bushy Point Trust 
  • Working with City council planting 250 trees at McLennan's Flat
  • Fixing donated bikes and sorting out donated linen for Red Cross
  • Joining with South Alive volunteers to pick up rubbish in South Invercargill
  • Sorting out beads and unassembling bracelets for Canbead
  • Assembling a prayer team to pray a blessing over the city

What’s it all about?

This year is the second year we have done Serve our City. We do it on a Sunday, as we see it as part of our worship. It is one of our five core priorities (serving our city). People think Christianity is just about spiritual things, but actually, we express love for God in practical, hands-on ways. We believe God is passionate about making our city and the environment a great place to live.   

Our congregation have got behind this project and loves being involved. 

How did it work?

We met for a coffee and muffin and prayed before sending everyone out to their projects, which ran from 9 am to 12 pm.  

Who did it?

All ages. Another core priority is being intergenerational, so we encourage all ages to be involved. Our youngest, three, and oldest, 82. 165 people in all. Last year we had just 100. 


“It was cool what concerted teamwork could achieve in a couple of hours. Even better was the reaction of the recipient whose garden we transformed”. - Sue, a team leader
“A really successful day. People appreciated it and gave the volunteers waves and toots. Many hands make light work”. - Courtney Ellison, South Alive
“Best group we have worked with. Love to have you involved again”. Gordon. - City Council Park Ranger 
“It was amazing to see the community come together like this. They did everything we wanted and more. We are so grateful for your church’s help”. - Garden clean up recipient.

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