This week, Baptists from faith communities across Aotearoa are gathering to help shape our future. Here's a snapshot of what went down at the Baptist National Hui 2023 on Thursday night and day 2 of our gathering (Friday, 3 November). See the programme online here.

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with some phones displaying distorted photos on the app. If this is you, please view this via a web browser here.

He Rito: The future of the church

The hunger for Jesus in young people is exciting!

Our hope is that their inner transformation would lead to outward participation in our faith communities. We were asked to think of the young people we can walk beside and encourage in this.

Worship and Word

Lucy Talsma from Hamilton South Baptist Church delivered the Word from the book of Ruth. She reminds us that God may be the silent player in this story, but he is the main player and his Spirit is at work in every moment. Ruth demonstrates the sacrifice in kindness. One of the boldest things we can do is be kind. Is kindness and tender concern for others shaping our decisions, discussions and the way we think towards one another?

Baptists being Baptists

Baptist Mu0101ori

We stood in agreement that the dreams of Baptist Mu0101ori are our dreams. We need to shape our future in relationship with Baptist Mu0101ori. Together we can define who we are as a church community, reclaim te reo Mu0101ori and create a space where Baptist Mu0101ori can live out their identity, bringing gospel renewal.

Big Bite 2: A new way of making decisions together

For more information about this Big Bite click here.

Discussing what's most important on this list to review:

  1. Outworking of Treaty Affirmation Statements
  2. Composition of the Assembly Council
  3. Role of the Regional Associations
  4. Asset Management
  5. Supporting struggling churches

What's missing from the list?

And how can we include all voices in our Baptist movement?

Baptist Whu0101nau Business Meeting

Riveting numbers.


Chaplains Gathering

We look forward to gathering again today!

See photos from Thursday here.

Photos: By Morgan Dews

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