In March 2021 we had a season of 12 Days of Gospel Stories. Weu2019re now reproducing these stories here for all to see and be inspired by!

Here at Connect in Blenheim Gospel Renewal in our neighbourhood has come from individuals deliberately inviting the Holy Spiritu2019s presence into their community and then the Church partnering with them where we see Him working. The most striking example of this is in connection with a local school. Recently one of our congregation members started as a head teacher in the newly set up school. She knew she couldnu2019t directly share her faith in this role under the Ministry of Education guidelines but she carried with her the anointing of the Holy Spirit and very deliberately invited His presence and leading. As a result, many of the parents and visitors comment on the distinct atmosphere of peace and aroha.

It is this presence of the Holy Spirit that has created an organic curiosity amongst the children and the parents and over time we have had six children begin regularly attending our childrenu2019s program on Sunday mornings and more recently one of the parents begin attending church. We have nine of the children currently registered to attend our Connect Whu0101nau Camp along with their parents and we are praying that this will create more of an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work through us to reflect the glorious love of God to them.

As a church we have looked for opportunities to work with the Holy Spirit to nurture this relationshipu2014occasionally providing transport for school trips, running the BBQ at prize giving and being vocal supporters at the regional Kapa Haka competition. In turn we have been blessed to have some of these beautiful children perform at our Christmas Eve Service and at the Baptist Local Gathering where their performance of Hallelujah in Te Reo was truly anointed and softened hearts. We pray that we can continue to grow these relationships and see Jesus change lives as only He can.

Holy Spirtu2014we open up every area of our lives and our communities to you, inviting your life transforming presence, so that we may work alongside you to bring glory to our awe inspiring Jesus and an unquenchable gospel renewal to our region and across Aotearoa,

Contributor: Sue Avery, Connect (previously Blenheim Baptist)

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