Kelly Enright, Communications and Engagement Manager at Arotahi, knows about a fantabulous opportunity for faith communities to engage missionallyu2026

Be formed for your role in God's mission with CareyLocal - study FREE next semester with a group of 10 friends from your faith community! 

One-off intro offer: FREE tuition if you get a group of 10 together for a 2023 CareyLocal course (normally $787 per course per student)!

We are so excited to champion this opportunity at Carey Baptist College and encourage you to dive deeper into formational study! As invited participants into Godu2019s redemption of the world, MM581:Mission of God and MB532: Intro to New Testamentwill inspire and equip you with a deeper understanding of what God is calling your faith community into in this season!

CareyLocal is an exciting new initiative designed to build biblical foundations for church volunteers, ministry and mission leaders, and anyone wanting to grow in their discipleship. Courses include theology, biblical studies, pastoral care and mission. Students will spend one evening a week in a cohort of ten or more people, learning with a Carey lecturer in a Level 5 NZQA course for credit. This way of learning allows students to participate in the learning together as a cohort, and engage with their teacher online. The teacher will guide students through material, provide opportunities for discussion and reflection, and facilitate wider conversations across the cohorts around the country.

CareyLocal can be joined from your church site, someoneu2019s home, or somewhere else in your community, wherever the cohort is located in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Since students will be completing the course for credit, they will be required to submit assignments. Students will spend two hours a week at the evening session, and can expect to commit a further 7 hours a week to reading and preparing for lectures and assignments. Students can choose to go on to complete a CertificateDiploma or even a Bachelors degree! Studying with Carey will transform students from the inside out, deepen their understanding of the gospel, widen their perspective, and energise them to make a difference in their own community, as they engage in Godu2019s mission.

Read more and sign up here!

Photo: supplied by Carey Baptist College.

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