George Bryant. Daystar Books (3 booklets, p20 each), RRP $7 each

George Bryant is a prolific author who has written numerous books and booklets over the years. He lives in Tauranga and writes about people in society and faith based on his experiences as a teacher, preacher, public speaker, politician and social worker. George is passionate about sharing the good news about Jesus.

His latest works are three small, beautifully-designed booklets in which he challenges his readers to consider three big questions we all face in life: (1) Why are we here? (2) What is the meaning of life? and (3) Where are we going?

Always one to take up a challenge, George writes how he was having coffee with a group of guys after a game of golf and one of them raised the question of life after death. George immediately suggested there was a bigger question to ask, and a discussion ensued. Some of the topics he mentions in the first booklet are: Why are we here? What’s it all for? The earth is unique and so are we; scientists don’t know why are here. Did God put us here?

In the second booklet George asks: What is the meaning of life? Is it meaningless? He answers these questions, in general first, then provides specific ideas and, finally, spiritual ideas.

The third booklet answers the question where are we going. George starts by giving a pessimistic view of this, then an optimistic view, before asking specifically, “Where am I going?”

In all these booklets George backs up his points with research and insights from various sources. His writing is clear and easy to understand. The audience for these booklets would be anyone who is interested in finding answers to these questions—and aren’t we all?. I suggest you leave them lying around the place so as many people as possible get to read them.

Review: Janette Busch

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