The video below is a Zoom recording to all Baptist Mu0101ori by Josie Te Kahu, Leonnie Motu, Ray Totorewa, Matt Renata u2013 of Te Kapa Rautaki, and Luke Kaa-Morgan u2013 Te Pouarataki mu014d te hikoi (Treaty Guide). Alongside this video they share the words below. This is the first of several videos leading up to the Baptist Hui-u0101-Mu0101ori in July 2023.

If the video doesn't work click here.

Kia rere arorangi te titiro kite Mata-o-te-Ariki

Kia hohou te rongo

Kia hohou te Rongopai

Auu0113, taukiri u0113!

E ngu0101 purapura whetu016b, e ngu0101 tu0101tai whakaheke nau mai, haere mai ki tu0113nei huihuinga Mu0101ori, hei wu0101nangananga, hei ku014drerorero i ngu0101 take o te wu0101. No reira, nau mai, haere mai, piki mai, kake mai...

Te Kapa Rautaki and Te Pouarataki mu014d te Hikoi extend a warm welcome to our Hu0101hi Iriiri whu0101nau to gather together at this special hui where we will farewell the old and welcome in the new.

We look forward to new opportunities and engaging with the next chapter of our Baptist Mu0101ori story. We urge you to prayerfully prioritise this hui and join us for this significant time in our Baptist movement.


11:00am Friday 14th - 2:00pm Sunday 16th July 2023


Puna O Te Ora, 60 Kayes Road, Pukekohe, 2120

Please send your interest via email in order to receive important information about our hui. Our Hui will start at Te Puna O Te Ora. Further details to follow.

Whakapu0101 Mai (Please RSVP)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Josie Te Kahu 021 260 4202 or Luke Kaa-Morgan 021 627 157

Photos: Zoom recording screenshot and carvings at Carey Baptist College.

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