This week we are called to prayer by our women who lead us each day in a prayer that is both filmed and written. From 18-25 June 2023 tune in for prayers on: openness to God, cultural inclusion, those suffering loss and grief, those under pressure to conform, women of Carey Baptist College, relationships, Baptist women in positions of leadership, and people who have ceased attending church.

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Thank you to Baptist Women New Zealand who have called us to pray.


Iunisi Katoa, Youth Pastor at Fairfield Baptist Church and member of the Baptist Women New Zealand board, prays for those under pressure to conform. Listen to Iunisi pray in this video, or read the text below:

Lord, God Almighty I come before you to pray for our young people.
I pray for your protection against the pressure such as drugs and image gender.
I pray that you give our young people courage and confidence to take a bold stand against such things and to be unashamedly audacious in their faith in making the right decision even when they stand alone.
I pray that you protect our young people from the scheme of the enemy.
In John 10:10 the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy but thank you Jesus you have come that our young people may have life and have it to the full.
I pray Jesus for our young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Tapuaki mai u2018a e tou2019utupu u2018o e tou2019utangata ni, pea ke maluu2019i. (I pray for your blessings upon our young people and for your protection.)
I pray this in the Mighty and Holy and Powerful Name of Jesus.

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