This week we are called to prayer by our women who lead us each day in a prayer that is both filmed and written. From 18-25 June 2023 tune in for prayers on: openness to God, cultural inclusion, those suffering loss and grief, those under pressure to conform, women of Carey Baptist College, relationships, Baptist women in positions of leadership, and people who have ceased attending church.

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Thank you to Baptist Women New Zealand who have called us to pray.


Julie Polglaze, member of Royal Oak Baptist Church and Manager of Auckland Baptist Tabernacle Student Apartments, prays for those suffering loss and grief. Listen to Julie pray in this video, or read the text below:

Lord we want to bring before you those for whom 2023 has carried loss, or grief, or sorrow.
We think of those who have lost loved ones, jobs, hopes, homes or dreams. We ask that you would be near to them. That you would comfort them and surround them with your love. We ask for you to place people around them to carry hope on their behalf. To love them and care for them.
We ask for your compassion and the gift of tears that we might weep with those who weep.
Hear our prayer, Lord.

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